Last Monday

Last Monday here at work.  Taking a quick break to hop on here and write a few notes.

It’s getting down to the wire for my trip.  The real-ness of it is beginning to catch up to me.  I can’t say exactly what feelings and thoughts are running through my head right now, but there sure are a lot of them.  It’s great to meet and talk to a bunch of new people, connections through my family and friends in all the different places I’m going.  As much as it excites me to be doing this trip on my own, knowing that there will be someone there that I know is comforting.

Guess I’ll get back at it.

P.S. Had a great weekend at the beach with some good friends.  Had the chance to throw a Mullet (it’s a fish).  If you have the urge, read a bit about it.  It’s called Mullet Toss at Flora-Bama in Orange Beach.