Out the Door for the Last Time

Wow, I leave tomorrow.  I’ve been counting down for so long it doesn’t seem real.  People seem to want to know if I’m nervous/excited/insert emotion here/…. I think I’ve been thinking about it for so long I’m just ready for it to get started.  I am not sure yet how I will cope with being alone during this journey, not that I will really ever be actually alone, but the feeling I’m sure will catch up with me.  It’s going to be the hardest not being able to easily talk with my family and friends, as I often find comfort in the long conversations we have.

I guess I won’t know until it happens, but I think the thing I worry about the most on this trip isn’t what might happen to me, it’s my ability to handle loneliness, if and when it strikes.

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be on my way to Merida, Mexico, for a large concert on Friday!  Then, on the way back I’m going to visit Chichen Itza, the beautiful Maya Ruins in central Yucatan.