A New Bug 

Well, last week I was pretty sure that I wanted to move to Hawaii, but I think I was mistaken.  My calling may very well be Australia.  Only a couple days into my time here, but I’m loving it.

One more quick picture from Hawaii, paddle boarding on the north shore, Rocky beach.

A new bug - Sydney

Back to Australia, it’s amazing.  The culture, city’s, and nature are all fantastic.  Everything is quite modern, eco friendly and so clean!  I’ve never seen a city this size so clean looking.  I think everyone respects that it’s nicer to live in a clean place and work to keep it that way.

Welcome to Australia!


A real, live Platypus. Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour.

A new bug - Sydney

Today I went on the famous Sydney Bridge climb.  Overlooking the entire Sydney harbour and providing some amazing views of the Opera house, downtown, and all the other suburbs around the harbour.  And, my lucky day, Sunday is the yacht club group sail day, so the bay was full of sailboats.

A new bug - Sydney

I had a chance to meet up with a connection who lives here in Sydney, Vasilije, a professor at the University of Technology Sydney.  Today he and his wife came in to meet up with me, where we had a great meal in Circular Quay, across from the Opera house and the bridge, where I was introduced to a proper cappuccino (apparently those from the US don’t compare), and had a delicious piece of cheesecake to join it. It was really great to spend some time with V as we have very similar engineering interests and I have quite an interest in his migration to the land down under. I would like to say a special thanks for spending some time with me while I’m here in Sydney, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time.


After this tasty little treat, I hopped on a ferry for a quick ride over to the other side of the Harbour, to Manly beach.  Now this town is where I really could see myself staying for a while, and think that I might actually stay there when I get back from New Zealand.  Met a couple of ladies traveling around Sydney, so I spent about 30 minutes walking around Manly with them.

A new bug - Sydney

Manly at dusk.


After a few hours out at Manly, walking around and talking with some locals, I got back on the ferry back to downtown Sydney, and the city lights were glowing.

A new bug - Sydney

The Opera house was having a light show playing on the outer walls, which is why in all the pictures it is lit up differently.  Wandered around for a while getting some closer views of the architecture.


 One last Opera house picture before I go.  Very stunning colors glowing on the roof.

A new bug - Sydney

Well, I think that’s about all for now. There is a football game on tonight (football as in soccer, but every other country in the world apparently calls it football, so I’m going with it), so a few of the guys and I are heading to a pub to have a few beers and watch the match.  Hope all is well with everyone who is reading along.

G’day mate!