Hawaiian Job Search

Well, does anyone have a need for mechanical engineers or photographers in Hawaii?!  I could definitely live here for a while.  Amazing people and places to see.  Four days was defintely not enough, but it gives me reason to come back.  I hear the other islands are amazing as well.

The last few days have been a blur.  So much to see and do.  Day 1 of Hawaii started out with a great morning surf session, longboarding the ‘Pops’ break in front of the Royal Hawaiian hotel in Waikiki.   Then a quick afternoon siesta before another go at the late day low tide.

Met a couple of great people at the hostel, and made plans for Day 2 to go around the island, hitting up a few beaches along the way and making our way to the famous North Shore, arguable some of the best breaks in the world (that is in the winter time, where as in summer it’s a giant, flat, saltwater pond).   Still got to enjoy meeting some more friends along the way, finding a few hidden jem spots, and spent the night in Haleiwa.

Sandy’s, bodysurfing some big waves right off the shoreline.  Seems safe.

Hawaiian job search

The road gang, Donny, Ellie, and me.

Hawaiian job search

Dinner on the beach, Poke (Ahi tuna and some local ingredients), seaweed salad, and spicy cabbage salad.


Day 3, snorkeling in Shark’s Cove on the north shore, seeing great reefs and more types of fish than I could imagine.  Then it got even better, I added and checked off a new item to my “life goals” list.  Ride a giant sea turtle!!

Hawaiian job search

Yep, when I first was out by myself, I found a big daddy turtle, but had no way of documenting the event.  So I quickly swam in, ran the block down to the grocery store, picked up an underwater camera and set back out to try and find this guy again.  Luckily I was able to get this great shot of trying to hang on while he was swimming around.


Tomorrow is off to the land down under. 10.5 hours of flying should do well to take all my energy, so I may have some down time to put some more pictures up.

Wow, almost forgot California!  Sorry Matt and Mike.  I had a great time being with some old friends, enjoying beer and sausages at a cool restaraunt, spending an afternoon on Hollywood Blvd, and getting some surf time in Malibu!

Hawaiian job search

Mike, I <3 U too.

Hawaiian job search