Made it!!

Well I made it.  First day off the beated path.  I keep seeing people loaded down with backpacks just like me, and it´s very comforting.  It was definitely a shock as I walked out of the terminal.  I really understood that I was here, this is happening, and no one is with me.  I think it´s going to go by so fast, though, that as soon as it´s over I´ll be ready to go again.  I already feel better about my ability to get around the city, and have a really good time.

I´ve met a few other wayward travelers today.  A couple from Canada, heading south along the coast, and another who just arrived after 8 months in Cuba, studying from England.  My goal is to try and keep in contact with as many as possible, as so many people have already reached in to their contact book of people around the world to help me out.

So here is the first shot of the trip, a taco vendor outside the bus station.  AMAZING chicken tacos and a coke, 3 bucks.  Thank you very much.

Made it Cancun William Woodward