Here we finally are, with some long awaited pictures.

This is a pretty common view of what I´m doing, running around to random spots to take pictures.  So far, I´m sitting on around 2000 pictures!  That is going to be some serious sorting time when I get back home.

Breakfast of champions, sopas con chorizo con huevos.  Talk about delicious too, and to see the small one room kitchen that this came out of would amaze you.

Here is a shot at the beaches of Cancun, white sand, and crystal clear blue water.  I could have sat in the water like this all day.


The local market in Merida, Mexico.  Here you could find anything fresh under the sun.  Hundreds of different vendors and thousands of people buying, selling and bartering.  By the time we got out of here, it was definitely lunch time.

Ahh, the infamous hammock, strange in its ability to be comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.  Actually, a lot of houses come with mounting areas on the walls specifically for these types of hammocks.  I think with a little bit more practice, this could be a very viable sleeping option.  They are quite common because of their ability to not hold heat, very important in hot climates without air conditioning.


How much does this delicious meal look like it shoud cost?  Half a chicken, tortillas and fillings, and a cold brew? Less than $6 USD.  I love eating in Mexico.


Here is Juan Carlos and I, right before our first dive in the Casa Cenote. He came to Mexico from France, about a year ago as a backpacker.  After some time in Central America, he made it to Tulum.  He never left.

This next shot came from Juan Carlos´ underwater camera, right before we dove down into the caverns.  After this dive, we drove over to the Grand Cenote, for another amazing cave/cavern dive.