I´m in Piste Mexico today and tomorrow. I think I´m going to try and visit a Cenote, which were very important to the Maya during their rule of the area. The computer is not recognizing my camera card, so no pictures from Chichen Itza today, but hopefully in the next couple of days.

Everyone is so friendly here. I met a dentist last night, a friend of a friend, and he picked me up this morning, took me out for breakfast, then dropped me off a Chichen Itza. He works in Merida during the week, then drives to Piste to work the weekends, and sleeps in the office. That is some sort of hospitality.

I didn´t know how much water I drank until I had to buy a bottle of it each time I wanted some. Well I guess I only have another week and a half of that, so it´s not so bad.

Adios until next time.