The big TWO FIVE

Quarter of a century huh??? Well that seems like quite a lot, but I think that there is quite a bit left to do, so I´m trying to stay out of the habbit of getting in a hurry.  Life is quick, so why rush things?

Today has been quite a day.  Actually the last two days have been go go go.  Yesterday morning I hoped on a our bus, and visited the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Pisac ruins and Ollantaytambo ruins.  They were both quite amazing, with feats that would be amazing by todays standards of construction.  Then because of all the rain damage, the Ollantaytambo railway has been temporarily shut down, so we took a bus to another station, got the train, and arrived in Aguas Calientes around 9:30 last night.

This morning started with a one hour, 300 meter vertical climb to the gates at Machu Picchu; leaving at 4:30 a.m.  Was it worth it to see the sunrise over the mountains?  Yep.

So I think I´ve figured out the amount of vertical travel today. 1400 meters, or right around 4600 ft. We (Nick and Nicki from London) climbed Waynapicchu, then back down to the ruins, then Nick and I climbed Machu Picchu mountain. Both produced some amazing views of the ruins.  Then of course back down to the bottom, and back into town.  All in all, 4:30 am start, returning to the city around 6:00 pm.  But what an amazing place to be on my birthday.

Unfortunately, the internet is quite slow here, and I want to get some sleep.  My legs are beat.  Also, I realized the last post had some difficulites, so I will load up all of those as well.

Buenos noches.