Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters – 6 June, 2010

Hello all again. Well, I made it to the Gold Coast.  It’s the Winter Sun festival here in Coolangatta, and tomorrow I think is going to be a good day of surfing.

I have been taking notes on things that I want to write about in the blog, so I have some random ramblings from the last few weeks, just of thoughts that popped into my head at one time or another.  I was out and about one clear night in Kaikoura, and had a really great view of the stars.  I started looking for some constellations that I normally look for, when I realized that I was in the wrong hemisphere… They stars down here are pretty nice as well.  I was fortunate enough to come across Alabama Street, which I thought was a bit comical, being in New Zealand on Alabama Street.  Another cool thing common to this side of the world, is dual flush toilets.  There is one button for a half flush, one button for a full flush, depending on the type of use the toilet patron has just enjoyed.  I’ve also become quite a fan of roundabouts instead of traffic lights.  They just seem much more efficient.  Speaking of traffic, driving on the left side of the road is pretty different.  I’ve gotten used to looking the right direction when crossing the street, which is important so you don’t get run over.  In the US I feel that it’s fairly common to walk on the sidewalk or hallway similar to how we drive, i.e. on the right side.  Well the same is true here, people walk on the left side.  Also takes some getting used to.

The blue mountains.  The reason they have the sort of blue mist over them comes from the Eucalyptus trees.  They release some sort of chemical into the air, causing the distance to have a blue tint to it.

Tony and I, loving the day!

It’s quite a long way down!


Holding the Three Sisters.

The ledge I was standing on.  Watch your step!

Happy Coach tour group.  Aren’t we all so happy?!

I think this looks like a fantastic lunch spot.

This little guy was back from Sydney, but I thought his colors were awesome and he let me get quite close.

Donning my walking gear, backpacks strapped on and ready to go.