Ahh New Zealand. Cold and rainy. Good for time to update a few things that I’ve learned since Australia.

1) backpackers drink “goon” which is basically just the cheapest box wine you can get. Anything else is out of the budget range. It comes in 4-5L boxes, and provides a good start to the night. (not the whole thing, that would be the end of the night I think)

2) there are a serious lack of American travelers. This has been true in all counties that I’ve been to and all the people I’ve talked to. I’ve me 1 other American. Just one. It’s really unfortunate.

3) Americans (on average) work more hours per week and have less holidays per year than anywhere else that I’ve heard of. Which may be correlated to the lack of travelers.

Lessons learned. Maybe not really lessons, but you know what I mean.