Scuba – Great Barrier Reef – June 2010

Well, now I need to get a proper underwater camera… The little film camera I have just doesn´t do the reef real justice, and it really was amazing in its colors, diversity, and formations.  I hope that there is a couple of pictures that I´ll deem worthy, even though from what I´ve seen so far, I´m a little disappointed.

I´m not exactly sure what the pose I was going here was, but this is what turned out.  About 14m deep off the coast of Cairns, Australia.

Scuba - Great Barrier Reef - June 2010

Fish feeding frenzy, our dive guide brought along their favorite snack.


A big boy keeping an eye out while under a large coral.


Nemo sighting, a little fuzy, but everyone loves a Nemo fish.

Scuba - Great Barrier Reef - June 2010

These big fellas were all over the place!  Giant Clams, this one measure at least a meter long, and was an iridescent purple color.


Talk about some camoflage, if I hadn´t scared this Ray by swimming right over him, I never would have known he was there.  I about spit out my regulator when he kicked up some sand and swam off.  But, being a Woodward, I gave chase and was able to get a shot while right above him.

Scuba - Great Barrier Reef - June 2010

Just a small taste of the number and diversity of fish swimming around these places.


These recent scuba trips have re-peaked my interest in diving.  I fiinished my PADI during my time at NIU, but didn´t pursue it much after that.  I don´t exactly know in what fashion, but I do believe that diving will become a bigger part of my life.

One time soon I´ll write about all of my notes of “things to write on the blog about” that I´ve been keeping.  It´s going to be a jumbled mess, but the ramblings of a traveler usually are.