DELAYED! Airport fiasco

So my first major airport problem happens on my last flight of the trip… Figures.  So here I am, till 6pm tonight (the original flight was at 12:30).  That then, will cause me to miss my connecting flight in New York, and the next one available is 11am tomorrow.  Oh well I guess.  A night in a NYC hotel won’t kill me.  Too bad it’s not a hostel they are putting me in, I could have found a few mates to run out on the town with.

Pay per use internet =  short blog post.


ps.  New travel tip.  If you manage to get into a private lounge of an airline that you are not flying with, most likely the announcements that come on over the speakers around the airport do not reach into the lounge you are currently in.  So if your delayed plane all of the sudden is less delayed, and they move your flight up an hour, you might end up missing that flight.  Not that I would know anything about that, or have had to go to London in order to get to NYC in time to fly to Atlanta the next morning… Yeah that happened…