Observations and un-essential ramblings of a wandering traveler – 9 July, 2010

That is a serious title up there.  I hope I can live up to that!  I’m currently in Ireland.  Met up with the mates from the picture below.  Had quite a great day today, sightseeing around Dublin.  Loads of good photos.  Ahh I still need to update about Romania!  I’ll shoot for getting another post on Sunday.  For now, the good stuff.  This is going all the way back to Oz and Kiwi land, thoughts and ideas that popped into this head of mine.

Starbucks.  Massively popular in the US.  Complete failure in Australia.  Of all the stores originally opened (couldn’t find a number) on a couple dozen or less remain.  I read a funny note about the failure: Memo to Starbucks, next time try selling ice to eskimos.  HA!  Never a particular fan of the chain myself, i found the absence of the stores to be quite refreshing.  Nearly every day in Oz, I was able to try a new cafe, with it’s own feel, it’s on personality.  It was brilliant.  This, though, has led to my new found obsession with different types and tastes of coffees.  Along with this, has come the delicious muffins that always seem to call my name when I’m ordering.  In fact, I had one just yesterday at the airport cafe in Budapest during my layover, a cappuccino with a blueberry croissant.  mmmmm.  I might need a coffee now just writing about it!

While spending time with Jim and Lynda in New Zealand, I was properly introduced to English