wtw goes to Singapore! – 23 June 2010

So you have an eight hour layover in Singapore…. What to do?  I hear the airport is pretty nice and new, lots of things to see, stores and such.  But, in traditional exploration “where to willie” style, I decided to hop a train into downtown to see what I could see.

First off, getting around by train is quite easy and convenient.  It’s cheap, always on time, and fast to cover ground.  The one problem is when you don’t exactly know when the train stops running, and you try and switch trains to get back to the airport, and your train has stopped running for the night…  Oops.  It’s ok though, I made it back to the airport on time, and got a good taste of the city for a few hours.

When I did get into town, my mission was to find some food.  And food I was able to find.  While walking down a main street, I began passing people at tables with some really tasty looking food.  Soups and different meats, veggies, and the like all together.  Looked good to me!  Table for one please.

And that’s when it started.  First off, my waiter didn’t speak much English, which is ok if you just wanted to point and order off the menu, but apparently that is not the restaurant that I chose.  Another waiter came and spoke a little better english, at which time I found out that all these people around who had such tasty looking food had in fact cooked it all themselves!  You order a plate, which gets you a bowl of “starter” soup (broth and spices and such), and a grill.  The rest is up to you.   As I head inside, the trays full of seasoned foods overwhelmed me.  I didn’t know where to start!

So I decided to have a go at a little bit of everything.  Here is my “grill” plate.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

And this is my “soup” plate.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

My own personal stove.


Action shot, in mid cooking.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

Here is one of the final products, one of my soups. I didn’t get any pictures of the grilled food because it didn’t last long enough once it left the stove!


And here is soup attempt number two, also delicious. (Not that you should be surprised coming from master chef William-son)

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

After filling my belly with more than I should, a little walk around town seemed like a pretty nice idea.  This building was completely covered in blocks that lit up, and was almost like a light show as they danced around in different patterns on the building.  The “ilumus” building.


Next I made my way down towards the waterfront, following some lights and a gut feeling.  I didn’t get close enough to find out what this building was, but the roof was changing colors, so that was fun.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

While in California, Matt and I discussed the need for some sort of indicator, letting users know that the button for the cross walk has been pressed, in order to give the buttons less unnecessary use.  Sorry Matt, they beat us to it.


 A war memorial in the downtown plaza, and the lights in the back that I was heading towards.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

Down on the esplanade; lights, camera, action!  I haven’t found out exactly what they were preparing for, but I think something is coming up soon in Singapore.  There were preparations everywhere for some sort of big event; lights and stages, etc.


Glowing blue orbes floating on the calm water in front of the theatre.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

One more view of the skyline before heading back towards the airport.   I really shouldn’t say “the” skyline.  More like “one of the” skylines.

wtw goes to Singapore?! - 23 June 2010

Sorry all for falling a little behind in my postings.  I’ve already had a stop in Barcelona, Spain, and now have had a few days with a good mate here in Baia Mare, Romania.  Check back in the next day or two, and I will have a nice post about Barcelona.