Back in Tuscaloosa – Rivers and lakes and boats, oh my!

A great day out on the water, wakeboarding and surfing and other water activities with some good friends.

This photo was done with three shots, while the boat was moving! That’s a pretty good testimate to Photomatix’s ‘Align Photos’ option.  I then remixed it back with the middle exposure to get the proper color in the clouds and sky.  Unfortunately, HDR has a tendency of muddying the blues and whites of a mid-day sky.

Board in Clouds Tuscaloosa William Woodward

I am sure that this is not the last shot that I am going to try and get of this bridge, but I like the way this one turned out.

Again, my standard three shot, +2,0,-2 EV shots were taken atop a nearby bridge.  I did my best to wait till when there were no cars passing to keep the camera from shaking with the bridge, but the sun was setting fast and I didn’t want to miss the right shot.

Hope y’all enjoy!

Reflections of Steel Tuscaloosa William Woodward