Romanian Well

Alin and I spent about 20 minutes in this spot.  We discussed details of how the different settings of my camera produced different types of shots.  He was quite interested and fascinated that so much could be changed in the composition of a photo taken in the same spot, of the same thing, with the different ISO, aperture, and f-stop settings.

This well serves the small village that Alin’s grandparents live in, and we had walked up here to fill up a pale of water for cooking and drinking with dinner.  It sat atop a small hill, near the town’s church.  In the distance, the church’s cemetery.

I did this photo as a single shot HDR, because there was plenty of light to sufficiently fill my needs.  I really like the way that the colors in the metal popped as it reflected with the blues of the sky, along with the details in the stone and wood frame.

Romanian Well Baia Mare William Woodward