Asian Sensation

My first day in Sydney, I hadn’t met anyone, and didn’t want to waste an afternoon, so I took off walking down the street, and ended up at Darling Harbour, where there is quite a few nice attractions and sights.  One of which is an Asian inspired garden area.  It was nearing closing time, and since I was alone, the lady at the front desk let me wander around for free!  I wish I would have kept track of the things that people ended up giving away that would have normally cost me a few bucks… I bet it would have added up nicely.  Anyways, the garden offered some really cool oportunities for HDR shots, because of the indoor lighting and outdoor scenery, that normally would be difficult to capture at a single exposure value.  The overcast evening and light drizzle added to the colors and natural beauty outside the small structures, but unfortunately proved to be a bit more than my thin soled loafers were ready for.  Soggy shoes and walking don’t exactly mix, but I decided to stick it out and head to the zoo after this, and finally back to the hostel for the night.

As usual, this shot was a 3 shot HDR. The center exposure was shot at f3.5, 1/3sec exposure, ISO 800, 18mm focal length.

Asian Sensation NSW William Woodward

The last few days I’ve been really looking through all of the photos from the trip, and there are so many that I’m exited about sharing.  Keep on checking back, and there will be lots more to come.