Land of the Leprechaun

When I came up with the title for this post I ended up doing a little reading on leprechauns. Did you know that there are several different types of leprechauns, based on what region of Ireland the story came from?  And the several that I read about actually wore RED!!  The tale of the leprechaun is linked back to the middle ages, from a race of people in Irish mythology known as the “Tuatha Dé Danann” or “peoples of the goddess Danu.”

A good folklore history lesson is a great start to any photography post I think.  It get’s you in the mood for creativity. 

This first photo was taken inside the Guinness factory in Dublin.  It is an original copper lid that would have gone on a boiler in the old factory.  Modern equipment and techniques have rendered these obsolete, but they are quite charming themselves.  This is a single shot, RAW to HDR photo.  You may have noticed several of my shots recently have been single shot HDR’s.  That is likely because I was rushing to get all the pictures that I wanted to have with me.  I know that you can’t rush good photography just like you can’t rush good art, but one shot is better than no shot, so here we are.

Land of Leprechaun Ireland William Woodward

While taking a little tour of downtown Dublin, Conor, John, and I stopped into Trinity College, a gorgeous open space, compact campus in the heart of Dublin.  This statue among the building created a great opportunity for a really interesting HDR shot (3 exposure, +2, 0, -2 EV).  I really like the way the buildings, clouds, and tiles reflected off the large brass structure.  In the lower left side of the globe, you can even see the feet and shadows of some other onlookers receiving a tour of the campus.

Land of Leprechaun 2 Ireland William Woodward

Here is another photo from the Trinity College, the campanile, or bell tower.  The tower stands at nearly 100ft tall and was built in 1853 by Sir Charles Lanyon.  This is another 3 shot HDR, with elements of the -2EV and 0EV photo’s re-introduced into the final picture.

More Pictures from the Land of the Leprechaun

Hope to have a few more photos in the next few days.