New Construction

The shear size of this new monastery that’s being built in Baia Mare, Romania, made this shot stand out to me. Alin and I spent much of our time together walking around the city; eating, drinking, and soaking up the Romanian culture.  One thing I quickly noticed about their town, is that there are a lot of different gathering areas for religious groups, the main being Romanian Orthodox, making up over 80% of the population. One thing I’ve always found of churches and monasteries, is that they have one main commonality, powerful architecture.  Whether powerful in its size and structure, or powerful in it’s simplicity and earthiness, they have consistently made their way into my camera.

Shot on one of many of the clear summer Romanian days, this 3 shot handheld HDR brings out the fantastic colors of the rough brick and details in the upper reach construction.

New Construction Baia Mare William Woodward