Quick Pictures

There have been lots of pictures from Ireland recently, and this post doesn’t break the trend (till the end).

Johnnie Fox’s… An apparent “touristy” type bar, it had a great eclectic look and feel to it, and since I was there in the middle of the week, during the day, I had the locals treatment.  The claim to fame of Jonnie’s is that it’s the highest pub in the country!  It’s claim to fame for me was it brought me my first proper Ireland Guinness.  I propped my camera against a post for this 3 shot HDR, and brought back elements of the middle EV photo for a bit of realism that was lost during the tonemapping.

Quick Pictures Ireland William Woodward

This phone booth was too cool I think.  Such age and history showed thru the crackling paint, warped window panes and smooth worn handle.  A single shot HDR was the perfect way to show the details, and a little post processing to really emphasize the colors make this old piece really stand out.

Quick Pictures

I have to say I am extremely excited about the up coming post.  I found a picture that I think is going to be top notch.  From New Zealand, a mist covered harbour…