The Sleepy Seal

Hitch hiking in New Zealand turned out to be some of my best memories of my time there.  Although my first attempt took a little longer than expected to get picked up, and the length of the ride was a little shorter than to be desired, my other rides were nothing short of perfect.

The culmination of my first ride left me a bit out in the middle of no where, only 30 or 40km into a 180km trip, standing at a crossroads with my pack on my back and thumb in the wind.  Seeing another thumbing wayfarer a half a km up the road, I asked to be let out a bit early, hoping to be the first one spotted by someone heading in my direction.  Luck struck quick this time, though, for in no less time than it took my first ride to turn out of view, my next was pulling off the road to pick me up.

Kevin, Linda, and I drove and talked and learned about each others lives.  It seemed like no time flat before we were rounding the bend and seeing Kaikoura in the distance, and we got on the topic of seals that many times sun on the rocks on the side of the road.  No sooner than I said “I would sure like to see a wild seal” did we come around another bend to a group of people standing on the side of the road.  Looks like I was in luck!  We pulled off and began walking towards them, and soon I was standing face to face with this little guy.

I took this shot as a single shot HDR, and I have to say the colors and details that came out remind me of exactly how I saw it.

Sleepy Seal NZ William Woodward