Arizona Sunsets

Two weeks ago I was standing on top of a rugged outcropping in the middle of a bustling city.  The hill is known to all as “A Mountain.”  Nestled directly behind the ASU Sun Devils football stadium, ‘A Mountain’ is a staple of the Tempe, AZ campus.  Adorned with a 40ft tall cement ‘A’ the mountain provides some stellar views of the entire valley of the suns.  And one thing that I noticed during my time there, is that there is an abundance of color painted sunsets, strewn with clouds that only seem to appear right before dusk to be brushed in the light.

This shot is taken from a ledge on the south side of the ridge, 3 shot (+2,0,-2) HDR with a few elements of the original brought back in.  Looks just like I remember.

Arizona Sunsets William Woodward