There’s nothing like a trip home to get your reminiscent wheels a turning. I’ve always loved the barn, and Illinois is known for it’s sunsets, for the fact of how far you can see.  This photo came on late afternoon, as the sun was beginning to make it’s decent into the west.  The cloud cover filled the sky with streaks of light, as they surrounded the barn.

This is the first HDR shot I’ve done from home.  And another first, a black and white!  Well, actually both, a B&W and a full color.  I had no intention of making this photo black and white during the initial processing, and actually it happened kind of by accident.  As all great things, though, accidents are a welcome surprise from time to time.

Homebound Illinois William Woodward

I really don’t know which of these I like more, as the full color photo has the warmth of the sunset’s warmth setting on the horizon, while the b&w seems so dramatic.  Well, either way really, here you are.


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