I’ve been waiting a while to use this quote, for a picture to post of a supporting idea.  I found it while reading an article in Men’s Health.  I don’t remember exactly the context of the article, but I think it had to do with how famous people had achieved what they had, and their personal drive.

“I’m not much on putting a period on things, I prefer commas. That’s why I’ll go for a simple parameter that sends me in a certain direction, but I won’t know exactly where I’m going.”

Quoted by a smarter man that some may be led to believe, Matthew McConaughey.

Commas Mexico William Woodward

This picture I’ve titled “No Entry” and was taken at the ruins of Tulum, Mexico.  There will be times when you come to blocks along the path, but you have always to be prepared for the chance to revamp that path, should something stand between you and your goal, or should your goal see change in itself.