Basilica Cathedral of Lima

The Plaza de Armas of Lima is the birthplace of the city, assigned to it’s location by the conquistador Francisco Pizzaro, in 1535.   At that time there were “procedures” required of cities in the new world, one of which required the cities growth be based on the a square, central plaza.  Surrounding the plaza are several historic buildings, including the Government Palace and the Cathedral of Lima.  The central fountain was first built in 1578, but then replaced by the one that still stands at this location in 1651.

On this day, a friend from the hostel and I took a taxi into the plaza, and began doing a bit of exploration.  It seemed odd that for a weekday there was so much activity taking place, and soon I noticed a few conspicuous looking armored vehicles parked around the area.  As we made our way towards the Government Palace, we overheard someone discussing a presidential (or some high level government type) meeting at the palace that day.  Soon we were standing in front of an AK-47 armed guard, being told that we are not to be withing two meters of the fence.  But, as we apparently looked harmless enough, he grabbed my camera, walked over to the iron fence, stuck the lens on thru and snapped off a shot for me.  Honestly, I was more excited that he let me take a picture with him and the gun!

Onwards, our next stop was the Cathedral of Lima, originally built in 1538.  The structure that can be seen today was completed and held it’s first mass in 1622.  The location of Lima seems to be a bit ‘shaky’ as the cathedral has been damaged four times by earthquakes.  Here’s what it looks like inside today.

Basilica Cathedral Lima William Woodward

Oh yeah, that pun was definitely intended.