Got me again!

Yesterday was the drive from Bama back to Illinois.  Eleven hours of blissful audiobook time.  I listened to “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell.  I am not quite finished with it, but it was awesome so far!

Talking an evening stroll around the terraces of the “Old Downtown” in Baia Mare, Romania, this little alleyway drew my attention on more than one occasion.  The dimming night sky, and lights in the alley really accentuated the incredible textures from the stones of the wall and arch to the wood of the door and the scaffolding.

Got me again Baia Mare William Woodward

This closeup of a flower came on the side of large hill overlooking the whole city.  There’s quite a bit of difference in taking very close up pictures vs wide angle or large subject shooting.  I haven’t done much HDR for the closeups, but I am pretty happy how this turned out.

Got me again 2 Baia Mare William Woodward