Lost in Time

The “lost bridge” is a remnant of the former trail thru the caverns, built as an attraction by Jay Gurley in the late 1950’s.  The pale green water looks very placid this day, but strong storms have been known to raise water levels quickly.  The handrail is a small section that is left of the original pedestrian path leading into the depths of accessible cave.  Due to a small amount of TNT used by Mr. Gurley in the early developement of the cave as an attraction, you can now enter a sealed section of the cave sytem, a natural area that can reach “true black.” There is no natural place on earth that true black can be acheived other than underground.  When all the lights were turned off, your other senses kick into high gear.  It’s a strange feeling being in that sort of place; your eyes are open but there is absolute nothingness in front of you.  Sounds seem to brush past your ears, and every breeze tickles your skin with a teasing sensation of the unknown.

Lost in Time Alabama William Woodward