New Software

Well I’m trying out some new software for making images much bigger.  So this is my first attempt.  My camera didn’t have the zoom capabilities that I would have liked for this shot, so this seemed like a good chance to try it out.

When we were waiting on the whale to surface, the captain of the ship had this little listening device that he would use to try and point us in the right direction, to be as close as possible when it came up.  Sperm whales make this loud clicking noise, actually the loudest noise made by any animal, while they are swimming.  The captain would bring this broom handle looking device down from the deck to the side of the ship and stick the end in the water.  It had some sort of microphone on the end in the water (like a satellite dish for sound), with a chord running to a set of headphones that he would listen to in order to determine the direction of the whale.  So as the clicks get louder, you’re getting closer to the whale, makes sense, aye?

By the time the whale made it’s way all the way up from it’s feeding dive, unfortunately we had rounded the side of him that had no mountains in the background, only open ocean.  But, any’ whale tale’ is better than no ‘tail’ at all.  The level of details that this program was able to keep in the photo was pretty awesome, and take a look at the large version too.

New Software NZ William Woodward

One thing to keep in mind about pictures like these, you only get one chance each time the whale comes to the surface, as this means they are heading back down to feed, for upwards of an hour at a time.