Your Story

There’s too many things i haven’t done yet, there’s too many sunsets i haven’t seen, you can’t waste the day wishing it’d slow down.

Often we find ourselves wondering where the day went.  How time seems to fly, we’re left trying to find out where days, months, and even years of our lives have gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, then college, then the three years that have gone by.  What’s left at the end of the day?

In the end, the only thing you really own is your story.

Take some time to slow down a bit, enjoy the little things, like riding a bike, one with a basket.

Your Story Tulum William Woodward

This photo is of a hostel I stayed in outside of Tulum, Mexico.  Run by a small family, Mom and two sons, and an English girl who got there and never left.  The rooms were in tree house like buildings, with second floor walkways connecting them like the Swiss Family Robinson.  Something out of a kid’s dream .

Later that night, after a nice bike ride, found me sitting around a picnic table, sampling the local cerveza, with a German, an Italian, and an English guy.  After a few rounds a few tall tales, Simone and I began to admire one another’s rings.  Mine from a small mountain town in Arizona, his from a small town jeweler in Italy, we decided on a swap.  I suppose that’s an alright story.