Hiking Camelback

While out in Arizona, I had the opportunity to hike up Camelback Mountain.  The trail we hiked up was 1.2 miles each way, and ascended 1,280 ft. Here’s a little more information from Wikipedia.  I posted this picture before, but it has Camelback in the background, which I marked with an arrow.  We hiked around the same time of day as in this photo, so I got a few good sunset pictures.  It was a bit arduous hiking while carrying camera and tripod up the trail described as “strenuous with steep grades,” but I didn’t want to take it apart because I kept getting to new vantage points and the sun and clouds kept changing as the night drew closer.  I’m sure one or two people thought I was a bit crazy, but that’s okay.

Hiking Camelback Arizona William Woodward

Also, you can see some skyscrapers right below the sunset in the far left of the photo above; those are the same ones you can see in this photo below.  Taken just after arrival at the base of the Echo Canyon Trail, a simple sign marking the start of the ascent.

Hiking Camelback 2 Arizona William Woodward