Things of age always seem to take well to HDR photography.  Their textures, colors, and emotions seem to come to life and the feeling of the subject is greatly realized.

On this day I knew a winter storm was coming into Alabama, and there were a couple of things that I had seen before and wanted to take photos of (I know, first rule, always have your camera, then you won’t have to go back).   Making my way up to an old part of town, I passed this building on accident while actually trying to find another spot, and it’s character was quite compelling, so I hopped out of the car to set up for this shot, just as the first hail was beginning to fall.

Overgrowth Alabama William Woodward

I have become a bit of a fan of black and white HDR ever since the photo of my families barn turned out so dramatic. This photo features a touch of color to accentuate areas that I found particularly interesting.