Take a Seat

When showing off this picture, Tara asked me; “Why did you leave the chair in the picture?”  To which I responded; “Because it was there.”

I don’t want to have to alter a photo’s composition to make it better.  I think that my style is that of taking a picture of something, exactly the way it is, and trying to bring about it’s best qualities.  The other day I jotted down a few notes when I was trying to describe to myself, what I thought makes up an interesting composition.  The photos I really like tend to have a few things in common.  Having a defined color scheme tends to be near the top of my list.  If you’ve seen much HDR, you’ve seen photos that try and span too much at one time.  I think that’s why I chose the black and white version of the Woodward Barn photo seen here.  Also, I think a photo should have a bit of mystery, and by that I mean that if a photo leaves something to the imagination, something more to think about, it will stick with you.

Take Seat Alabama William Woodward