Winter Sunrise

Ahhh another sunrise photo, this one coming from outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, taken early one morning on the road trip from northern Illinois to Tempe, Arizona. As far as painful photos go, this one may take the cake of anything I’ve done so far. As we were driving, I kept peeking in the mirror and looking over my shoulder as the sun was rising over the horizon. It was nearing the point of perfection when I decided to pull of the highway, and noticed this abandoned church about 200 yards back, over a fence and into a field. Being in traveling attire, I had only a pair of sweatpants, running shoes, t-shirt and fleece, but really needed to ford my way deep into the snow to get the shot that I wanted. I’ll be honest, my fingers were in serious pain and my shoes full of snow by the time I got back to the car after rattling off about a dozen different angles of the church and a few other buildings in the morning sun, but seeing the outcome, and being able to share it here, seems to make it all alright.

Winter Sunrise Nebraska William Woodward

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