Santo Domingo – Coricancha

Cusco, Peru, was an interesting experience for me.  There was about half of the English speakers there as in Mexico.  I was invited to stay with a local, and he pointed me in the direction of some interesting attractions and showed me the door.  Outside, I was on my own.  Camera in hand, and a whole day worth of sight-seeing ahead of me, I optimistically ventured around the city.  Being quite decent at map reading, I had little trouble finding out where I needed to be, that is as long as the map had enough detail to point me to where that was.

If you click to see the large size of this photo, you may notice that there is two very distinctly different styles of stone work.  That is because the Spanish built this cathedral on the Inca site of Coricancha (golden courtyard), originally the foundation of Inti Kancha, or Temple of the Sun.  This temple is considered to be one of the most important to the Inca empire, once saw its walls and floors covered in sheets of solid gold, and the courtyard filled with golden statues.  Reports from the Spanish tell that the site’s opulence was “fabulous beyond belief.”

A street level view, taken over the “sacred garden,” the Cathedral rose out of the large lot in the city.

Santo Domingo Coricancha William Woodward