The Chapel

Ok, after enough teasing photo’s of the building’s other great assets, a view of the main chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.  Designed in a modern form by Walter Netsch, and completed in 1962, the Cadet Chapel has continued to be a marvel of architecture and named as U.S. National Historic Landmark.  From the view that you can see here, there are 6 visible spires, but the total number of the structure is 17, composed of exactly 100 identical tetrahedrons, each weighing in at an impressive 5 tons!  Each tetrahedron is spaced one foot apart, leaving room for the one inch thick colored glass that paints the aluminum panels the magnificent colors you can see here.  If you make the photo full sized, you’ll see the ends of the pews were sculpted to look like WWI airplane propellers, and the backs are topped with a strip of aluminum similar to the trailing edges of fighter plane propellers.  Also, suspended above the altar is a 46ft tall aluminum cross.  Taken atop the choirs balcony, I hope this photo brings out all the amazing qualities of the building that you take in when you walk thru the doors.

The Chapel Colorado William Woodward