Serious Organization – A Carved Building

Yesterday was my “finally get all my photographs organized and the way that I want them for easy use and best productivity” day.  As expected, I found some that I had forgotten about, and rearranged nearly everything on my hard drive.  After a little investigation, the tally for total processed photos is in, currently sitting at exactly 168 finished photos. I think that’s not too bad for the relatively short time that I’ve been doing it seriously. The ‘photo a day’ has really challenged me at times, and I make sure that when I’m feeling really good about it to get a lot done, and not force myself when it’s just not the right time.  I am going to do a few new things, though, and next week is going to be a seven day theme.

Today’s photo comes from the Tulum ruins, along the coast of the Caribbean Sea.  An impressive structure, with details of carved shapes and images standing on the same ground for somewhere around 700 years!

Carved Building Tulum William Woodward