A Step Back in Time

Day three of monochrome week is moving right along, taking us to eastern Europe, well into the countryside of Romania.  This photo turned out to have a very antique feel to it, and I feel that really contributed to the historic and natural look about this place.  You would see these hay mounds strewn about the open rolling fields, and once even I saw how they are formed.

After time allowed to dry, the hay is raked to the tall center pole, and carefully piled around the pole, with one person passing the hay up to another who’s job it is to stomp and compact the hay around the pole.  Once the pile is as tall as can be reached, it is then shaped in a special way to promote the rain to run off rather than soak in, an topped with a special designed wreath to hold it all together.  This technique has become so honed, that a hay stack, exposed to all the weather, can still last for several years!

Back in Time Romania William Woodward