The Morning Sunrays & Reflections

Ok, I promised a great photo today, and I really hope this delivers.  I really feel like HDR can bring out the essence of a photo.  The range of colors and lights that can exist in a scene are many times left wanting more, and there is only so much software can do to recover the details and colors from areas that are underexposed or overexposed.

Here is the base/middle exposure.  What you might expect to see out of the camera, actually even a little better I feel because I used the RAW file to bring back some light and detail in the different areas.  If I had come here saying how excited I was about the streams of light and color from the morning sun and then got home to see this image I would have been a bit dissapointed.

Morning Sunrays Illinois William Woodward

But then there is HDR.  This amazing process of merging details, light, color, from different exposures that brings out so much more.  This is more like what I really saw, when had to quickly turn my car around to go back and capture this scene.  If you go back and forth between the two photos you can begin to see where parts of this photo were coming thru, and what I mean when I say details that get lost based on how much the camera can capture.


So many things are going on in this photo that I really love.  Colorful reflections, dimensional clouds, and streaking sunrays.  And there is even a bird flying thru the scene on the horizon!