The Turmoil Within

Wow, a lesson in color spaces and embedded ICC profiles; what systems and programs recognize and respect those different formats; and how to create an effective workflow with optimum color results and publishing to ensure color accuracy.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  So that was my personal turmoil within.

Your turmoil within comes from an amazing scene that opened up on my drive home last night.  After an interesting evening of weather, with storm clouds looming but rain holding out, shortly before sunset the sky broke open and the clouds seemed to disappear.  Not more than 30 minutes passed before a new set of clouds arrived, but during which some intense color and cloud formations happened.  I stopped several times for different views and locations, and I know, I know… “They” (whoever they are) say that you should allow yourself time before processing your photos, but I was just so excited about these that I didn’t listen.  I also wanted a really cool photo since I was forced to delay my newest entry to all of you.

Without further delay, as the sun emerged on the horizon, it’s orange blaze burned thru the blue and grey storm clouds overhead.

Turmoil Within Illinois William Woodward