Posted – No Trespassing

I think this may have been the hardest hit commercial spot in Tuscaloosa, the Wood Square Shopping Center.  If you want to see an aerial before and after, click HERE.  The street that this photo was taken on is four lanes wide, plus a median, sidewalks, etc.  One of the buildings in this parking lot had a couple of company vans in the lot when the tornado came thru. A few days after taking this photo I was heading the other direction down the same road, and happened to notice something that caught my eye, seemingly out of place. One of the vans had cleared then parking lot, street, and ended up on the other side of McFarland from where it was parked.

Taking a look at this photo, I can’t imagine what kind of mayhem was happening while this storm bore thru this area.  The wreckage behind this now restricted area gives an idea of the power that could take a full size van and ‘relocate’ it some 250 or so feet.

No Trespassing Alabama William Woodward