As the Rush Comes at Sunset

Exploring a city is such a cool thing to do.  Having no prejudices to areas in which to tread usually end up in some cool finds, and one such find for myself was this little place.  One thing I wanted to do while in Richmond was get on one of their bridges at sunset.  So I managed to do just that, but as I was exiting, I noticed gatherings of people down in the rocky rapids, splashing around and carrying on, so I decided to get a closer look at the waterside.

A look that I’ve wanted to try for quite some time was the slow shutter speed over water, so you get that cool, glassy, flowing feel, and this spot turned out just perfect.  Perched on a small boulder right where the water turned, the sun setting in the distance, set the scene for a nice little shot.

Ruch in Sunset Richmond William Woodward

3 shot HDR, Richmond Virginia.