Black White & Blue in O’Hare

There really is a lot to notice in airports when you are looking.  For a long time I was like most people, trying their best to hurry up up and wait.  Airports seem to be a prime scene of this crime.  Hurry to get thru the ticket line, wait for security.  Hurry to your gate, wait for the plane.  Hurry to your seat, wait to leave.  Hurry to get off the plane, wait for your bags…  I bet that if every slowed down a bit, everyone would actually get things done a little faster, while still being able to enjoy what’s going on around them.

I think I look like a tourist when I take pictures in an airport.  I want to tell people as they walk by that O’Hare is actually my main airport, then I realize I don’t really mind all that much, and keep finding new fun things to take photos of.  I did take most of the color out of this photo, because I really wanted to show how much the blue window panes accented the scene.

Black White & Blue  Illinois William Woodward