Color Blast Under the O’Hare Tarmac

I was going thru this same tunnel a week before I got this shot, but I was unfortunately late for my flight and had to do some serious speed walking (I refuse to be the guy who runs at the airport).  On my way back thru tho, I had plenty of time to get back down here and to some long exposure shooting.  Luckily for me, one of the moving sidewalks was out of commission, which gave the perfect mounting spot for my mini tripod.  As people sped past me, I opened the shutter and let the light flood in.  Three exposures later, a little bit of HDR, and here we are.  Hope you enjoy.Oh and it’s called “Color Blast Under the O’Hare Tarmac” because this tunnel actually connects two different terminals (part of the reason I was late, being in the wrong terminal for my flight) by going under the tarmac.  fyi.

Color Blast O'Hare Tarmac Chicago William Woodward