Fields of Green, Skies of Sunset

So I’ve been out doing lots of shooting with the new machine, and I’ll tell you what, she is slick.  I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to get my feet wet in this great passion called photography, because now I’m able to appreciate a lot of the qualities and nuances of my new setup that I would have likely overlooked or taken for granted.

I was out a few days ago shooting a wheat field, as the sun slowly crept towards the horizon.  In my excitement of using my new camera, I had left it in the wrong mode and have had some trouble trying any of those photos for a nice HDR.  Luckily, last night provided me with a stellar sunset, and since I was about 20 minutes late to get out, I had to head to higher ground to find a spot with the sun still visible.  As I crested the highest hill around, a hazy field opened up with the sun barely hanging on the horizon.

Skies of Sunset Illinois William Woodward