Blue Hour on the 7th Floor

Ah blue hour, what a wonderful relationship you have with HDR photographers.

On the 7th floor balcony, the lights of the city glow, as the nightlife begins to come alive.  I spotted this building from my hotel room, but the lights were actually a blue/purple at the time, so I decided to have a go at getting to the top floor to have a different perspective.  One problem, top floor has been rented out for a party!  Well, ask nicely, smile, wave around a camera, most people don’t seem to think it’s out of the ordinary for me to try and have a little look around.  Thank you!

Blue Hour Milwaukee William Woodward

Good thing too, I am pretty happy with how this turned out.  P.s. this was hand-held, a pretty daunting feat I have to say for the length of exposure needed to soak up the lights.