Rays of Light in the Setting Sun

I never really know what to call these guys, the awesome beams of light the happen as the sun’s light pierces thru a cloud, creating a beam of brightness that can be immensely evocative in a scene, such as this one.  With this photo, I really wanted to accent the sun and clouds as the centerpiece of focus, so I let the rest of the scene fade to dark, as a bit of an accent style.  Fading from blue to yellow as the sunset begins to evolve, a brief period of centralized sun rays grace the entire sky.

Rays in Sun William Woodward

Today I am heading out to Arizona, making some stops in Utah, Colorado, and whatever else comes along the way of the drive from Phoenix to northern Illinois.  I’ve got a couple of stops planned along the way, but the best opportunities so often come from the unexpected.  Guess we’ll see what happens!