Thunderstorm Week!

Since today is the official first day of the self proclaimed “Thunderstorm Week,” I think I’ll start it off with a photo from early in one of the storms.  As thunderstorms roll in, first you start hearing and feeling the change in the air well before you can start seeing lightning, and next you get the flashes off in the distance.

The best situation is to get a storm that is moving fast.  You want the lightning out in front of the rain, as you might imagine it’s tricky to shoot in a rain storm.  I love a good rain, but that is another story.

Thunderstorm Week Illinois William Woodward

p.s. All colors in this and the following week’s photos are out of camera, un-edited or added for effect.  Wild things happen when the shutter is open for 30 seconds and light is coming from massive electric bolts shooting thru the sky!