Cloud Formations

A really great side effect of storms is the clouds that form, their shapes seem never ending.  The funnest thing about getting out into storms is that you really never know what you’ll see, and even then what light comes into the camera on any given shot creates so many different looks to the same scene.  I’ve seen this shape a couple of times, these sweeping lines across a rounded cloud.  I really wanted to get this cloud producing a bolt, but it was not to be on this night, as the rain came in well before we were getting any visible strikes.

Cloud Illinois William Woodward

The “cloud wave” rolled across the sky, much like you would expect to see a real wave in the ocean.  I have a feeling (without really knowing a whole lot about clouds) that it mainly has to do with different speed moving winds and the rising and falling of warmer or cooler air as the storm moves on.  Whatever causes it, this sculpture of clouds moving across the sky was a sight to see, and the lightning in the sky made it possible to catch all these great colors.

Cloud Formations 2 Illinois William Woodward