Shark Week

So I didn’t realize that actual Shark Week on Discovery Channel was this week!  When I found that out I thought to myself, ‘wow going up against real shark week is probably not the best move…’ but hopefully I’ll pull out some cool photos, and then you all can have sharks and thunderstorms.  Double cool!

Colors & Motion

When it’s so dark that you have to have the shutter open for such a long period of time, both motion and color become a great focus for the subject matter of a shot.  The first photo, ‘Colors in the Clouds’ was done in HDR, and really brings out the texture of the clouds.  Perfectly back lit by huge bolts of lightning, the color of a pitch black night is surreal.

Colors & Motion Illinois William Woodward

Colors & Motion 2 Illinois William Woodward

Shortly after, the clouds movement became much more evident in my longest exposure, and depending on how many and where the lightning was hitting, how much color and light hit the lens changed in every scene.   In only 20 seconds you can see how fast these clouds were moving, changing shape and form in a strobe light of lightning.