The World at 50mm

So I think I’ve decided what my next weekly theme is going to be, “The World at 50mm,” all taken with my new 50mm f1.8 lens.  It really forces me to think about shooting in a new way, because I’m so used to shooting with a wide range zoom lens, so we should get some new and interesting stuff.

From the West

When the warm breeze blows in from the west, clouds and sunsets are almost guaranteed to have a nice and light feel to them (unless it blows in a storm like it has the last few weeks).  One of these days I have a plan to get a shot of this same weather vane, but from almost eye level with it.  This one turned out pretty neat because of the contrast that came out when it went black and white, and the texture in the clouds.  This is the first photo to hit the website taken with my 50 prime, and I’ve been having a field day with it so far.

From West Illinois William Woodward